Welcome. :)

Y’know, this sparked a very specific, very personal memory of mine.
When I was VERY young, perhaps 5 or so, I went with my parents to some restaurant (back in San Antonio, TX). There was an outdoor play area in the back, and right there in the middle of it, was basically this:

A huge, inflated Godzilla. And here was little tiny Matt, clutching his 6 inch Imperial Godzilla figure.
I sat at “Godzilla’s” feet and looked up at him, between bouts of playing with the other kids. Not only was I in awe, but I felt very safe. Like Godzilla was some sort of extension of my Dad - a huge parental figure that made me feel as though, no matter what happened, HE could handle it.

And I wanted to be like that.

I know that feeling as well. Godzilla is something both bigger than myself, but incredibly personal at the same time. It’s strange, but after a lifetime of watching his movies, reading his stories and such, he’s just… something special, something more than just a movie monster. He’s the father I always wanted, the best friend you could ask for. Dependable, strong and always willing to fight to achieve his goals (though, as a giant monster, he does this quite literally :) ). Who wouldn’t want to be that strong (and I don’t mean just physical strength). 

And of course, thank you for sharing your story Mr. Frank!